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Benefit Programs

All PlayBooked Athletes with a completed app profile are eligible.


Online Training, Guidance & Compliance Tools

PlayBooked UNIVERSITY is an online learning hub with a growing digital library of the educational resources needed to navigate NIL empowerment. 

The PBU Financial Wellness & NIL Compliance modules offer student athletes the tools and guidance to ensure they meet NIL compliance standards and obtain money management skills.


Ushering College Athletes into the Entertainment World

PlayBooked MEDIA GROUP (PMG) is the first college athlete curated media network and content provider dedicated to showcasing the college sports lifestyle and entertainment. 

PMG creates compelling content using current collegiate athletes and once their playing days are over, helps these athletes forge a path into the media and entertainment industry 

Distributed on multiple platforms, PMG will provide originally produced sports content from long form content to short form, including podcasts. PMG aims to provide college sports fans unprecedented access into the interesting lives of student athletes.


Think “Shark Tank” for College Athletes… but without the bite

PlayBooked VENTURES (PBV) is a collection of financial investors who are excavating the collegiate sports landscape in search of “athlete-preneurs” with winning business ideas and the competitive DNA to launch it. 

PBV aims to empower these enterprising student athletes in the early stages of their own ventures with the guidance, development, connections, and funding needed to take their business concepts to an enterprise value.